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Hudson Leick Nude Sex Scene From “Denial”

Hudson Leick nude

The video below features “Xena: Warrior Princess” star Hudson Leick’s classic nude sex scene from the film “Denial” (also known as “Something About Sex”).

After being worked into a righteous rage from a marathon viewing of old “Xena” episodes, imagine my dismay when while surfing the Web for Qur’an verses to soothe my aching soul, I stumbled upon this sickeningly sinful Hudson Leick sex scene.

Hudson Leick Xena

For those who don’t know Hudson played Xena’s arch-nemesis “Callisto” on the series, and these two leather clad Jezebels had many battles to determine who was the top bull dyke whore in ancient Greece.

Of course in real life Lucy Lawless once again got the better of Hudson, as she is a far more accomplished degenerate… With many nude scenes like the one above, that put poor Hudson’s depraved efforts to shame.

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