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Dasha Taran Blowjob Sex Video Released

Dasha Taran nude sex

Social media star Dasha Taran is a raunchy Russian who is famous for pretending to be Korean, and now she appears to further ingratiate herself into savage slant-eyed society with the dick sucking sex tape video below.

Yes, slobbering all over pathetically small cocks is one of the most beloved pastime among the heathens in Asia, right up there with doing math, eating dogs, and being androgynous… So there is no doubt that this blowjob video will help Dasha gain even more rice loving followers.

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Of course a brazen Jezebel like Dasha clearly needs a good deep dicking on the regular… But sadly for her until Islam completes its conquest of the Far East she will continue to have to live in this state of constant sexual frustration while sucking on micro schlongs.

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Dasha Taran Nude Modeling Photo Uncovered

Dasha Taran nude

The photo above appears to feature a fully nude outtake of YouTube star Dasha Taran from her modeling days back in her heathen homeland of Russia.

Dasha Taran blowjob

Of course it certainly comes as no surprise that Dasha would have a checkered cock riddled past, for like all former Soviet sluts she no doubt did what she had to do to procure her daily allowance of vodka and cigarettes before striking it rich on the Internet.

Dasha Taran sexy

However with that said, there is no denying that Dasha is a hot piece of ass, and us virile Muslim men would be willing to trade her father a pair of Levi’s jeans or Adidas tracksuit for access to her Slavic sin slit.

For Dasha is a tight package who could no doubt use a deep dicking from a Muslim’s massive meat scud to stretch open her commie coochie…

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And her puckering pinko poop chute.