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Dakota Fanning Nude Sex Scene From “The Randy Roommate”

Dakota Fanning nude sex

The video below appears to feature actress Dakota Fanning in a graphic nude sex scene from a filmed titled “The Randy Roommate”.

Seeing Dakota Fanning getting her fanny cheeks clapped in this nude sex scene certainly comes as quite a surprise to us pious Muslim men… Not because she is a chaste and righteous woman of course, but rather because we can not believe that she is still being cast in films.

Dakota Fanning nude

Yes, we had hoped that a washed-up child star like Dakota would of had the decency to stop trying to “make it” in Showbiz, and would instead ride off into the sunset and overdose in some Hollywood Hills drug den…

Dakota Fanning nipples

But alas Dakota doesn’t appear to be throwing in the towel on her “career” just yet. For even to this day she still parades around her sinfully erect tit toppers on the streets of LA in the hopes of landing a role that will catapult her back into the spotlight.

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Dakota Fanning Puts Her Naked Ass In A Sink

Dakota Fanning naked

Dakota Fanning was recently photographed by her sister (actress Elle Fanning) sitting her naked ass in a bathroom sink in the color-corrected and enhanced picture above.

Dakota Fanning nipples pokies

Of course Dakota has always been known for parading around her famously rock hard nipple pokies, and so this sort of brazen butt flaunting is new for her.

Dakota Fanning sexy

And while there is no denying that Dakota certainly possesses the halal nubile appearance of a girl of a proper breeding age, do not be fooled! For this vile old wench is actually an ancient 25-years-old… A fact that can be easily ascertained by counting the rings around her nipples… Or in this case the ones around her rectum (simply multiply the number of rings by 2 and then divide by however many dingleberries you find).

Dakota Fanning’s New Tits In A See Through Top

Dakota Fanning nude tits

Actress Dakota Fanning shows off her new bigger boobs while braless in a see through top in the photo above.

Dakota Fanning nipple pokies

There is no denying that Dakota’s breasts have been “enhanced” through the Zionist dark art of plastic surgery in recent months… Especially when comparing the photos above of Dakota when she was a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee to the recent ones below.

Dakota Fanning boobs

However according to the holy Qur’an, Dakota reached peak desirability some time between starring in “Man on Fire” and “War of the Worlds”. Now as a dilapidated 25-year-old she has literally no shot of ever getting banged by us virile Muslim men, and strapping stuff to her chest is not going to change that… Unless of course it were a martyr vest, but that is a whole other story.

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