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Amaia Aberasturi Nude Scenes From “Coven of Sisters”

The video above features Spanish actress Amaia Aberasturi’s nude scenes from the Netflix film “Coven of Sisters”.

Amaia Aberasturi

After seeing Amaia Aberasturi getting bathed by an old eunuch and being tied down for a clitoris circumcision in these nude scenes, it is clear that a “coven of sisters” is just a fancy way of describing a virile Muslim’s harem.

And with that said, there is certainly no denying that Amaia has what it takes to make it as an anal only concubine. For her tight round rump is quite impressive, and it serves as a reminder that we can still look towards European cinema to find women worthy of denouncing now that heathen Hollywood has become overrun with fatties, nigras, and trannies.