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Ariana Saavedra Nude Debut In “Dark Desire”

Ariana Saavedra nude

Actress Ariana Saavedra makes her nude debut in the sex scene below from the Netflix series “Dark Desire”.

Ariana Saavedra hails from the heathen Mexican nation of Venezuela… A country that (despite having nearly as much oil as the great Islamic caliphate of Saudi Arabia) is in a severe economic crisis, resulting in women like Ariana prostituting themselves for pennies on the Peso to feed their families.

Ariana Saavedra ass

Yes, Venezuelan women selling themselves to Netflix for sex scenes proves that not only were us Muslim’s blessed by Allah with oil, but also brilliant financial minds to use our riches to invest in things of true value like gold-plated AK-47s and genetically modified racing camels.

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