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Alicia Loren Nude Scene From “The Sopranos” Enhanced

Alicia Loren nude

The video below features Alicia Loren’s nude scene from “The Sopranos” color-corrected and enhanced in high definition.

The greasy big-nosed cokehead WOP pawing Alicia in this scene is correct, her tits are quite nice… But we already knew that after seeing Alicia’s iconic nude shower scene with her twin sister Annie from “Cruel Intentions 2” in the video below.


Of course a drug addict Guido would never be able to afford it, but us fabulously wealthy Muslim sheiks could easily tongue lash Alicia and her sister’s perky boob bags for hours on end… With more than enough dinars left over to play tunic snake in the valley with any busty cousins that may be in the family.

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