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Alesya Romanova Nude Scene From “Viddana”

The video above features Alesya Romanova nude bathing scene from the film “Viddana”.

Alesya Romanova nude

After watching Alesya’s body being sensually washed in this nude scene, one thing is abundantly clear… This bathing wench is lazy and needs a serious flogging. For when one is soaping up a Slavic slut like Alesya for her precoital cleaning you really have to roll up your sleeves and dig into every crevice, as the smell of vodka, cigarettes, and stale borscht certainly kills the mood.

Speaking of which, Alesya Romanova comes from the Russian country of Ukraine… Which means that she is an even cheaper concubine than those minxes from Moscow… And so 5 or 6 dinars should be more than enough to pay for her sexual services, which is undeniably a great bargain in today’s market… Provided of course that unlike in this video she is thoroughly deloused beforehand.