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Vittoria Belvedere Nude Scenes From “In My Room” –
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Vittoria Belvedere Nude Scenes From “In My Room”

Vittoria Belvedere nude

The video below features Italian actress Vittoria Belvedere showing off her world class boobies in remastered and enhanced nude scenes from the 1992 film “In My Room”.

This Tuscan tart certainly has some top-shelf titties, but despite possessing one of the best sets of all-natural boob bags to ever grace the big screen, Vittoria Belvedere never became much of a star in the heathen Western world…

This is of course because nearly all infidel males are flaming homofags who don’t know the first thing about appreciating a fine specimen of female livestock like Vittoria, let alone how to properly milk her impressive udders… It is just a shame that Vittoria did not make her way across the Mediterranean to Libya to join the virile Muslim Gaddafi’s harem, where her massive mammaries would have received the vigorous tongue lashings they so clearly crave.

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